Why Should I Drink Kombucha?


What Is Kombucha and Why Should I Drink It? Kombucha originated within the realms of Eastern medicine in China over 2,000 years ago. Simply, it is a black tea and sugar combination, usually cane sugar or fruit that is fermented and contains both beneficial bacteria and yeast. After being fermented, it becomes carbonated and plays host to an array of nutritional benefits.

The health benefits that come from this ancient drink are numerous and include a boost to your energy levels, a detoxing effect, system cleansing, a reduction in join paint and an improvement in your digestion process. Additionally, kombucha has also been known to prevent cancer.

Studies have repeatedly shown that kombucha can both restore and recover your health. This is thanks primarily to the four major properties that come from ingesting this age-old drink.

  1. First of all, there is the capacity for detoxification, and its ability to reverse toxic liver cells. Kombucha can be a great counter to liver disease.
  2. Drinking kombucha can be thoroughly invigorating. B vitamins, iron as well as small amounts of caffeine that are found naturally in this drink are the primary factors for the raised energy level.
  3. For increased immunity, kombucha best controls free radicals due to the amount of antioxidants it contains.
  4. Kombucha helps joint function in many different ways. Not only can it prevent damage from occurring in the first place, it can also help to heal and repair damage that has already been inflicted. Collagen is preserved and thus also helps to alleviate pain from different types of arthritis.

Making kombucha at home is a relatively simple process and is encouraged, given the price of buying it. You will need one large glass jar or bowl with a wide opening, a large cloth or towel to put around the jar opening, a SCOBY disk (which contains active yeast needed for fermentation), eight cups of distilled water, one half cup of honey or cane sugar (organic is best), four black tea bags, and one cup of already made kombucha (this can be purchased or saved from another batch).

Boil the water, and then add it to the teabags and sugar, stirring well. After steeping for fifteen minutes, throw out the bags. Allow to cool, and then put the SCOBY disk in the pre-made kombucha. Cover tightly and allow seven to ten days for fermentation, depending on the flavor you want to attain.


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