Vinegar is the Hottest Healthy Drink


It may already be in your pantry at this very moment. Yes, the staple that has brought to life many a pickle and salad dressing is now in the running for the hottest new healthy drink. Believe or not, that drink is vinegar. Vinegar is a remedy that dates back thousands of years and, as they say, what goes around comes around. Dating all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine, vinegar has been use in the East and produced by a fermenting process that takes only two steps.

In the early 17th Century, the Western world had a version of this same medicine, called Switchel. Made with apple cider, ginger, water and something to sweeten it with, such as molasses or honey, it was very popular among the farmers in New England.

The fermenting process leads to a huge boost in probiotics and is greatly beneficial for nutrient absorption, balancing the acid level in the stomach and digestion.

They taste good too, as many juicers will now tell you. Not only does vinegar add a nice kick, but also it is a flavor that is complex enough to keep your taste buds loving every minute of it.

These new vinegar based drinks are likely receiving so much attention because they do, at the very root of their existence, connect with a wisdom that is ancient and time proven. It can be a very empowering thought to know that you can create something in your very own kitchen that was deemed medicinal thousands of years ago.

Very simply, these drinks are easy to make. With a base recipe including a fruit, a sugar and vinegar, you can make as many differing drinks as you would like. Switching up the type of vinegar you use can give you many different flavor options as well. For instance, you could use apple cider vinegar, coconut wine, white wine, rice wine or a balsamic vinegar. Each one holds its own place on the palate and can compliment different fruits in many different ways.

Additionally, vinegar has long been known to help balance blood sugar and kill many different kinds of bacteria. It can be an important diet addition for people with diabetes for that reason, and will also act as an appetite suppressant. If you are looking to kill your appetite as a way to help cut back on caloric intake, vinegar could be your go-to drink.


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