Using Soda Alternatives Can Leave You Healthier and Happier


Sodas can pack on tons of extra calories to your overall intake at the end of a single day. Laden with sugar, they can be linked to a higher chance of heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. Sodas can, in fact, trigger cravings for sweets that can lead to a vicious cycle of sugar addiction.

Trading in as little as one cola a day can cut your chances for diabetes by as much as one quarter. Additionally, it can carve off calories, give you more chances of regaining your health or losing weight, if that is on your to-do list.

One substitution that can be made is flavored water. While many flavored waters are also laden with sugars or artificial sweeteners, if you make them yourself at home, they are even healthier and easier on your system. Adding slices of fruits and veggies such as watermelon, cucumber, limes, oranges, lemons and mint to an ice-cold pitcher of water can be incredibly refreshing.

Another way to flavor water is to place bits of chopped fruit or vegetables into an ice tray, cover with water and freeze. Use these from scratch flavor enhancers to chill your water and you will not only have flavored water, but something colorful at the same time.

Green tea is another alternative you can opt for in place of cola. If you have it without milk or sweeteners, it is completely calorie free, so no worries that you will sabotage your diet. The health benefits also make it a great choice as a substitution. It has been known to lessen your risk of developing high blood pressure, kidney stones, cavities, heart disease and even cancer. If you absolutely have to have sweetness in your drink, opt for a few drops of honey for a natural sweetness.

If your weakness happens to be lemon-lime soda, then you are in for a real treat with this next tip. You can fake out your taste buds by starting with a glass of sparkling water or seltzer water, pitch in a few fresh slices of lemon and lime, a bit of Stevia-type sweetener, and you have got yourself the perfect lemon-lime drink, with no soda repercussions. Be careful when using Stevia, however, as a little bit really does go a long way.

We hope these tips have helped you to find a way to choose a healthier path for your everyday beverages.


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