Super Healthy Teeccino Has Slew Of Health Benefits


When you brew a cup of Teeccino, you naturally release a number of great health benefits. The blend of herbs, fruits, grains and nuts are brewed right into the drink and quickly absorbed by the body. Because the body does not need to digest the fibers in order to make use of the nutrients, all the health benefits go straight to work.

Teeccino can be a great substitute for coffee, especially with people who have problems with digestion. The drink is not acidic, contains many probiotics including inulin. Inulin is a form of soluble fiber derived from the root of the chicory plant and populates the digestive tract with beneficial flora.

Coffee can have an aggravating effect of the gastrointestinal tract, making certain conditions such as reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome much worse. This is because coffee has high acid levels and contains a great deal of caffeine.

Teeccino contains both soluble fiber as well as potassium, both of which are incredibly beneficial to the health of the heart. Potassium actively works to stave off high blood pressure and strokes, while soluble fiber can drastically lower your overall cholesterol levels. Cardiovascular health definitely benefits when you choose to drink Teeccino.

Choosing a drink like coffee or tea, with great amounts of caffeine, can actually over stimulate the heart. You might notice that your heart is beating faster and you might unknowingly suffer from elevated blood pressure. Either can be damaging to the heart, especially over prolonged periods of time. While decaffeinated drinks can help with these two facets, it still tends to raise cholesterol levels and produce a jittery feeling on the overall.

Most people choose coffee, tea and other energy drinks specifically for the heightened sense of energy. Teeccino, however, gives you a great boost of energy that is solely derived from its nutrient values. Not only does Teeccino boost energy, but it balances it and keeps it level for longer periods of time.

With Teeccino, you do not experience what is commonly referred to as the “spike and crash” effect of many caffeinated beverages and supplements. It is, in essence, a form of the “flight or fight” syndrome, or a response to stress that is triggered and creates not only an alertness, but also an overall host of stress reactions throughout the entire body.

Getting off this rollercoaster can be as easy as switching over to Teeccino instead of coffee, tea or energy drinks.


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