Healthy Hydrating Drinks


When the weather starts to get warm, the importance of proper hydration cannot be stressed enough. Certain drinks that you think may be helping, however, can actually be adding to your dehydration. Some pack on so much extra sugar, that the hydration you do receive is hardly worth it.

For instance, one serving of cola is about eight ounces, or one cup. Most bottled sodas range from sixteen to twenty-four ounces, so drinking one of those is far more than one serving. Over the course of one single day, that can really add up to some unhealthy hydration.

It helps to know exactly which drinks will help with hydration and which ones will not. Cola’s are definitely on the latter list. They may taste great for the moment, but they really do nothing to alleviate thirst and even less to alleviate dehydration.

Better choices for drinks to aid with hydration while also being healthy are the ones that should make your list. Smoothies are one way to hydrate in a healthy manner. The fruit used in the smoothies can contain plenty of water, natural sugars and plenty of fiber. Using milk as a base can take care of some of your dairy needs and you can always use a little honey to sweeten the deal. Mixing everything in a blender gives you a smooth, refreshing and healthy drink.

Lemonade is another great way to hydrate. Don’t be tricked into using a drink mix however, because it is just as easy to make your own. The juice from six to eight lemons is enough for one large pitcher, to which you can add a few slices of fresh ginger for a nice fresh burst. Place the lemons and ginger in the pitcher and fill with boiling water first, to pull all the flavors out, and use Stevia or natural sugar for sweetness. Allow to chill well in the fridge before drinking and serve over ice.

Decaffeinated fruit teas are also a good choice. Choosing your favorite flavored tea, you can steep the bags in boiling water. Add lemon slices or pieces of your favorite food for extra flavor and healthy vitamins and minerals. Finally, sweeten with Stevia or honey to round out the flavor.

For any of the lemonades or teas, you can mix equal parts of water or seltzer water, for a refreshing soda-like take on the drink without the extra calories and sugar.


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