Healthy Grapefruit Diet

Grapefruit drink
Grapefruit drink

The Grapefruit Diet has been around a lot longer than most people probably think it has. Originating sometime in the 1930’s, there have been a great many variations on the idea over the years. The overall claim is that grapefruits contain a particular enzyme that can burn lots of fat when combined with the right types of foods.

The Grapefruit Diet normally lasts about two weeks and says that, if followed correctly, one can lose up to ten pounds during that time. In addition to having grapefruit with each and every meal, the diet asks that you drastically reduce your sugar and carb intake. That means foods like pasta, potatoes, rice and breads are off the menu for a while. This diet also asks you to refrain from celery and white onion intake.

Eating red meat, pork and eggs, which are high in fats and proteins as well as cholesterol, are encouraged. These are some of the foods that that work in correlation with the grapefruit to aid the fat burning that your body needs in order to lose weight.

The caloric intake in some cases can be reduced as low as 800 calories in some cases. It is advised that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and you may also have one cup of coffee. While some variations of the diet adhere to these strict guidelines, still others only go as far as asking that you eat grapefruit before every meal, in regards to the fat burning prowess. With all kinds of variations in between, you should be able to find a form of the grapefruit diet that should work for you and your schedule, as well as the foods that you enjoy eating.


As with many other short term diets that promise a good deal of weight loss up front, you want to be prepared for some kind of maintenance diet to go to when the Grapefruit Diet is over. Otherwise the weight loss with certainly come right back on. This is a personal situation, and you’ll want to research what will work best with your lifestyle, your level of exercise that you can attain on a daily basis and what kind of foods you will have on hand.

One note of caution with this diet however: it can have severe reaction with certain cholesterol medications or medications for high blood pressure. If either of these is something you take, please see your doctor before starting this diet.


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