Champagne Can Actually Be Good For You


In most circles, popping open a bottle of bubbly is usually reserved for celebrations or ringing in the New Year. However, it could be that popping open a bottle every now and then may actually be good for you. Getting carried away is still a no-no, as drinking excessive amounts will undo any amount of good there is to be had. All the benefits of which we speak are to be taken within reason, of course.

Even history recounts champagne as a treatment for gout, a reliable means of getting rid of morning sickness, and it was once even thought to slow the aging process immensely. It can boost brain and heart function and is a good source of antioxidants, so the immune system will benefit as well.

The antioxidants found in champagne not only keep your immune system functioning properly, but it also helps remove waste products that can build up within our bodies.

For the strict calorie counter, champagne should definitely be your beverage of choice. It has fewer calories than a glass of wine and other alcoholic choices. Still, remember to keep track of the calories you drink, and not just the ones you eat. You will have to burn them off as you would with foods.

Champagne is actually a heart healthy choice, as far as alcohols go. It causes your blood vessels to relax, increases the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream, which helps keep your blood pressure low, and keeps the pressure on your arteries low.

Blood clots can often be the root cause of many heart attacks that are deadly in nature, but champagne can keep those at bay.

Your memory also benefits from a bit of the bubbly, though a fuzzy memory can be the outcome after a couple of glasses. Short-term memory might be impaired, but over the long haul, champagne is responsible for putting a chemical into play that can keep the memory from shrinking over the long term. In addition, this same chemical aides spatial awareness, smells, sounds as well as memory.

For the best overall effect, try to choose champagnes that are organic in nature. Just as organic foods are better than regular ones, the same rings true for champagne. The addition of pesticides in your drink, or food for that matter, can negate any good that the antioxidants and other good things can manage.


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