Best 4 Healthy Homemade Sports Drinks


There are times when water doesn’t quite do the job of quenching your thirst. After a heavy workout, a long run or an unusually busy day, you can lose copious amounts of electrolytes, and that’s something that water can’t replenish.

When you buy energy drinks from the market, you can really tally up both dollars and calories alike. Fortunately, there are some sports drinks you can make with ease at home.

Healthy Homemade Sports Drinks are: Lemon Lime Energy DrinkCranberry Sports Drink, Coconut Watermelon Workout Drink and Strawberry Infused Sports Drink.

Cranberry Sports Drink

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Lemon Lime Energy Drink

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Coconut Watermelon Workout Drink

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Strawberry Infused Sports Drink

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Coconut Watermelon Workout Drink

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